The web I weave
Is easy to believe
No tricks up my sleeve
No reasons to deceive

So, come to bed
Come rest that weary head
Wise eyes, it's said
Aren't easily misled

Do not protest
This innocent request
Though I'm impressed
You need your beauty rest

Don't make a peep
I'll sing you sound asleep
On silken sheets
You'll fall into the deep

What's that you say?
You must be on your way?
Be that as it may
You have a role to play

You wouldn't want to upset me
Jump start my evil tendencies
I got this raging temper, see
For those who try to fly and flee

Better watch your back
You better watch your back
I'm known
I'm prone
I might attack

Best watch yourself
I just may crack
Loose my cool
And break you, Snap!

You sure would make a tasty snack
My belly burns
My lips, they smack

Cause I'm coming for ya!
Comin' to get ya!

Cause you're mine
You're mine
Mine, all mine

Yes, you
You're mine
A lovely dish to dine