This band is tight and they are all veteran players with a deep love for the tradition of the blues. There is not a weak track on here, front to back this is as good a piece of work as you will find. ”

American Blues Scene

While still new kids on the block, Fife & Drom is a mature band, with a unique sound combining the best of old school blues and indie rock... There is not a weak tune on the record; all are well-written songs, and each performance is soulful, tasteful, strong, and full of energy.”

Blues Rock Review

This album is an updating of several classic blues styles and whilst it is rooted in the early twentieth century this is very much relevant to the modern day, in many ways defining the progress from the raw early rural bluesmen to modern day electric blues. The fact that they have the confidence to play and in many ways master a musical form that they weren’t born into says everything about their ability to ‘feel the blues.’ This is one of the few modern blues bands that I can genuinely get huge pleasure from listening to thanks to their feel for the music and the modernization that loses nothing in power. ”

American Roots UK